Imfundo Kahle

Repartiendo juguetes, amor y sonrisas para niños en esta fecha tan especial.

This project is carried out every year together with our viva idiomas students, our staff, friends and volunteers will visit the children of the Sagrada Familia institution in the zapallal area, Puente Piedra.
It is a day to share, where giving and receiving takes on a new dimension.
We humbly bring some toys and sweets to the children, but they give us their joy, their smiles and their desire to live. 
For next Christmas, we hope we can count on you

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Our purpose


Christmas is a date of much celebration, joy, solidarity, unity and family spirit. That's why we feel this call to share with children.

Giving and receiving

All of us have something to give to the next. Be it a hug, a loving look, a smile. When we give in some way we also receive, it is a change.

Awakening smiles

There is no price to pay for the smiles received with gratitude and love. The magic is immense and our heart overflows love. An exclente way to close a year.

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