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Why collaborate?

The development of the country is only possible with companies committed to social action and this begins with education. Women are an invaluable workforce in our country and the world because to bet on them is to bet on the whole society. We know that if you’ve come this far it’s because you care about progress and you know that it’s only possible with education. In addition, at Imfundo Kahle we believe and work to meet the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN General Assembly.

We are aligned to 8 SDGs proposed by the UN

Benefits for your company


Strategic Alliance

How do I collaborate?

Sponsor our beneficiaries

With your donation we will be able to reach more places bringing education to women in vulnerable situations.

Get in touch with us at and know all the work we have been doing

La Casa Ainbo

In Imfundo Kahle we have a great dream: Casa Ainbo, an oasis for our beneficiaries, a space where they can take their classes, learn, share and feel safe.

Do you help us?

Get in touch with us at and know all the work we have been doing

Learn Languages

Our greatest economic sustenance comes from our language school so if you and your collaborators want to learn another language, what better way than to do it with the help of excellent professionals and helping the women of our country. We teach Spanish for foreigners and English. We have corporate fees.

Buy our products

A livelihood and help to entrepreneurs is the purchase of Ainbo products. We have a desk line for entrepreneurs, working women and students. You can make individual or corporate purchases. Check out our catalog.

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