We undertake and help train entrepreneurs

Educating to undertake

Ainbo is our business brand that emerged during the pandemic as a way to give women the opportunity to remain the breadwinners of their home. Ainbo is a word of Shipibo origin meaning “Woman”. 
The reality of many women in our society entails assuming multiple responsibilities combining different roles such as mother and worker, a situation that makes us see in formal independent work a great alternative solution. Owning their schedules, their workplace and dedicating themselves to what they are passionate about without neglecting those other tasks they want to do drives us to want to train them to achieve their goals.
Ainbo started with the idea of selling products and has become a training place for entrepreneurs where they can find courses on entrepreneurship, specialized workshops and product lines according to their needs.

70% of the world’s poor are women

It’s a woman’s salary is 21.2% lower than a man’s

Our Commitment

  • Integral Development

  • Specialized technical training

  • Accompaniment to entrepreneurs

  • Fair trade area

  • Responsible production and consumption

What do we offer?

Advice to Entrepreneurs

If you have a business or want to start one, we help you.

Entrepreneurship Workshops

It starts the challenge of entrepreneurship. Here you will find the help you need.

Be part of the change

Support entrepreneurship

Many women are victims of labour exploitation, help them to change their reality and become entrepreneurs.
We know that entrepreneurship is a great challenge that involves an investment, however minimal it may be. Therefore, if you want more women to achieve their dreams, collaborate so that they can start their ventures.
-> 15 USD we can make 5 masks
-> 20 USD we can develop 15 planners
-> 25 USD we can make 25 engraved pens

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