Entrepreneurship Workshops

Start your venture, start your independence

What is it about?

We want to help you start your first venture. That’s why we convened a group of professionals specialized in the subject and we did this workshop so that you can take your first steps in generating ideas, social networks, branding and digital marketing.


  • 100% Virtual
  • Free
  • 2 hours per week (Every Saturday)
  • Personalized tutorials 
  • Exclusive access to our Whatsapp group
  • Certification

See how many topics you can learn

How do I sign up?

1. Fill out this registration form

This form is used to reserve your place in our entrepreneurship workshop. It is essential that you fill it out to have you in our database.

2. Send us a message

Once you have filled out the form, write us an email to info.imfundokahle@gmail.com or to our social networks

How do classes work?

  • Once enrolled, you will be added to a Whatsapp group where you will be sent the corresponding link so that you can join your virtual classes.
  • To start your classes you only need to have installed on your computer or your cell phone the Zoom application that is free.

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