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70% of the world’s poor are women

It’s a woman’s salary is 21.2% lower than a man’s

In our country, many women between the ages of 20 and 55, due to socio-economic and cultural factors, did not have the opportunity, during their childhood or adolescence, to undertake primary or secondary education, much less to access higher education.

We know that providing education to women is especially effective for the development of nations because the benefits can be felt in themselves, in their families, in the whole community and even in their future generations.

We believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education. That is why our NGO seeks to empower these women through education, offering them English classes and workshops on personal and professional development.

Our Work

English classes

We offer basic and intermediate English classes to women aged 15 to 55 with goals of achieving higher levels in their careers and collaborating in their personal lives.

Personal development workshops

With the help of friendly NGOs, we seek the integral development of our beneficiaries and thus achieve that they grow at a professional level as a staff finding in our workshops a space where we can feel safe and understood.

Yoga Workshops

We consider that the care of our body is fundamental for the full development of the person. In the discipline of Yoga we have found a magnificent ally.

Entrepreneurship Workshops

Together with our partner Ainbo we have managed to structure a free entrepreneurship workshop that will help our beneficiaries to start the dream of self-employment.

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Our Impact

people impacted by the NGO
women certified in basic level of English
women certified in pre-intermediate level of English

Places of impact


Live a great experience with us

Carmen Cueto

20 años

“En mi vida profesional, me ayudó a mejorar mi inglés, y sobretodo practicarlo con los voluntarios de otros países y en lo personal me ayudó a desarollar más mis habilidades para con los demás, compañerismo y respeto.”

Ruth Portal

40 años

“Los talleres fueron muy útiles para seguir avanzando y emprendiendo y el proyecto me ayudó a vencer mi temor que tenia al inglés. Yo tenia la idea que no era para mi y ahora quiero seguir aprendiendo.”

Yesenia Choque

46 años

“Me han enseñado no solo el inglés, sino a valorarnos como mujeres y que nosotras sí podemos, apesar de la edade, niveles culturales, etc. podemos demonstrar que somos muy valiosas.”

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